Code of Practice

ALCON Nigeria Limited, at the course of its operation, shall demonstrate a high regard for Safety Values, Environmental Protection, Respect for Human & Labor Rights and shall also demonstrate a high level of Transparency and Moral Integrity.

ALCON Nigeria Limited endeavors to its best effort to promote the socio-economic development of the communities where it operates thus has a high sense of Social Responsibility and Sustainable Development.

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Moral Integrity is a constant value for all ALCON Nigeria Limited employees and stakeholders; hence all relationship at all levels must be characterized by total fairness, transparency, cooperation and mutual respect. Further still, all employees must demonstrate complete adherence to all company rules and codes of Conduct/Practice.

Cases of Bribery, Illegitimate Favors. Collusions, Pressures either directly or via third parties or cases of requests for personal Benefits for oneself or other, are strictly prohibited. In particular, Alcon will make sure that no money laundering is directly or indirectly carried out by its employees and the company in general.

No gift or entertainment should ever be offered, given or accepted by any Company employee or officer, family member of an employee or officer unless it is not a cash gift, consistent with customary business practices, reasonable in value, cannot be construed as a bribe or payoff and does not violate any laws, regulations or applicable policies of the other party’s organization.

ALCON prohibits political contributions (directly or through trade associations) by the company or its business units. This includes any contributions of Company Funds or other assets for political purposes, encouraging individual employees to make any such contributions and reimbursing an employee for any contribution. Individual employees are free to make personal contributions as they see fit.

All Employees of ALCON Nigeria Limited shall avoid situations and an activity where conflict of interest may arises, or which can interfere with their ability to make impartial decisions in the interest of ALCON or in accordance with the Code.

ALCON Nigeria Limited pursues its business in Nigeria Market by offering quality and competitive Procurement and Construction Services, while accepting the rules that protect fair competition.

ALCON Nigeria Limited accounting System is based on the use of true, complete and accurate information. There is a system of Internal Controls which ensures adherence to Corporate Laws and Standard operating Procedures as established. Corporate Assets are also adequately protected by ALCON.
ALCON Nigeria Limited has developed internationally recognized Standard Operating Procedures for all its operations and is committed to further development of the skills and abilities of each employee so that the employee energy and creativity can have full expression for the fulfillment of his or her potential.

ALCON Nigeria Limited offers equal opportunities to all its employees, ensuring that each receives fair treatment based on merit, without any sort of discrimination.
ALCOHOL use during the course of the operation as well as drug abuse is strictly prohibited.

ALCON Nigeria Limited shall carry out all its operations in line with all available standards and regulations geared towards the protection of the environment with the object of ensuring the safety and health of its employees.

All information generated at the course of work shall be treated with utmost confidentiality and shall not be divulged to external or third parties unless proper authorization by Top Management.

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